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The Menkens Social Club is open to all owners and residents living at the Menkens,

The last Friday of the month has been designated as the night for the Menkens Social Club to celebrate what ever tickles their fancy.

Generally, we all meet in the Gymnasium or Piazza (dependent on weather and temperature) we all bring along a plate of tasty morsels to share and whatever you like to imbibe. It starts at 6.00pm and goes until the last one turns out the lights.



MENKENS MENS CLUB - meets on a semi regular basis or whener we get thirsty.

MENKENS GYMNASIUM - please don't wear the equipment out.


MENKENS SAUNA - for everyone to use if you beleive you need it.


The Menkens Mens Club meets on an irregular basis. Our esteemed secretary will post a poorly written notice in the lift advertising the event. Keep an eye out for the next one.

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Menkens Aquarobics

This activity is no longer available however the pool is always well heated and ready for your enjoyment.


Our Gymnasium is located on the 3rd floor and is available for all owners and tenants to use. We ask you to respect it and treat it as your own. Always use a sweat towel and leave it neat and tidy.

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